South Dublin Therapy Clinic our new name...

"We've moved to No.6 Shelton Drive, given ourselves another facelift and changed our branding but we're still the same dedicated team (with one or two additional friendly faces). We plan to continue to grow and build on our seven year reputation of offering expert, quality service in a caring, personable manner". 
Brian Roche, January 2017
We parted ways from the Priory Clinic two years ago and have gone from strength to strength. Existing clients will be delighted to learn that the new clinic will be only two doors up from our last location, albeit with a facelift. To account for the multidisciplinary team that we are building we have changed the clinic front facing windows to South Dublin Therapy Clinic.
Both Brian and Ben, are our musculoskeletal physical therapists that specialise in the reduction and prevention of pain caused by disruption to your body's muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments or joints. Their hope is that along with their colleagues in South Dublin Therapy Clinic they can allocate the most appropriate therapist to help you with your injury or pain and make a meaningful contribution to helping the communities of Dublin 12, 6 and 6w and wider communities of South Dublin make rapid and long lasting recoveries from their pain.
We are also delighted to welcome and introduce our resident podiatrist Wioleta Walczac, she is an experienced podiatrist who can offer our existing patients and the wider Dublin south community foot care treatments including:   


- Removal of hard skin/ calluses and corns

- Management of fungal nail infections

- Verruca treatments

- Management of ingrown toenails   

- Biomechanical assessments for kids and adults 

- Insoles/ Custom made orthotics 

- Minor woundcare

- Diabetic foot care

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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday  8:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am to 2:00pm, all services are strictly by appointment only


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All services are strictly by appointment only

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