As registered Physiotherapists with CORU we are listed practitioners on Irelands Health and Social Care professsionals Act 1995 (amended) are we are open for business, offering full services of course with new protocols and precautions in place to reassure you and keep you safe during covid times. Please review our visiting guidelines here.
Important notice:
In the interest of your health and that of clinic therapists and other patients we are requesting that you fill out a form which will be given to you by your therapist prior to your appointment visit.
We will also ask you to consent to a (non contact) temperature test pre-treatment and to the wearing of a surgical grade face mask (can be supplied by clinic for €2) OR you can bring your own mask.
NOTE: We are also advising that patients now bring their own clean towel with them should draping be needed. We are trying our utmost to offset our original laundry costs with new PPE costs to the clinic so as to not have to increase our prices to patients.


South Dublin Therapy Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic that prides itself on having experienced therapists from a range of backgrounds to help serve our community and offer therapy in both alternative therapy and main stream medical capacities. 

To book a massage appointment at South Dublin Therapy Clinic please visit Antonia Abreu at South Dublin Massage Therapy: PLEASE NOTE: ANTONIA HAS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE but Brian is happy to help with your massage requests. Book above or call/text Brian with your enquiry.   







To book a podiatry appointment at south Dublin Therapy Clinic please visit South Dublin Podiatry

*All therapists in South Dublin Therapy Clinic work completely independently of each other.


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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday  8:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am to 2:00pm, all services are strictly by appointment only


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All services are strictly by appointment only

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