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Dry Needling

Effective deep muscle release therapy which relaxes knots in muscle tissue that can cause pain, weakness and tightness.


The majorty of our Priory Clinic team have undergone specific training in the application of dry needling for the relief of pain, weakness and tightness. 

What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is the insertion of sterile single use acupuncture needle directly into myofascial (muscular) trigger points.


Trigger points are tight, tender knots within the muscle which cause and contribute to pain within the body.  Several studies have confirmed that myofascial pain is one of the most commonly ignored causes of persistent pain. Research studies have shown that inserting such needles into trigger points causes favourable biochemical changes within the body, which release the trigger points and help reduce pain.


Although Dry Needling uses the same needles as Acupuncture, it is not the same technique. Dry Needling is strictly based upon Western medicine principles of treating myofascial trigger points, which are different to traditional Acupuncture points.


Examples of conditions which can be treated successfully with Dry Needling are:


  • Back and neck pain, including postural problems and tension.

  • Pelvic pain (chronic and acute).

  • Pelvic floor problems.

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain.

  • Arm pain (shoulder impingements, tennis or golfer’s elbow).

  • Headaches.

  • Back pain.

  • Buttock and leg pain (including sciatic pain).

  • Hamstring strains.

  • Knee pain.

  • Calf tightness or cramps.


These are only a few examples of conditions which can be treated with Dry Needling; there are many more. The treatment of muscles with this technique has a huge effect on reducing pain mechanisms and breaking down pain cycles. For more information please contact us.


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