Injury diagnosis & treatment


depending on your injury, we will use a range of orthopaedic assessment, diagnostic and treatment techniques which include massage, mobilisation, manipulation, stretching and resistence training.  Read more..

Home Care Services
Home visits

We regularly work with patients that are unable to visit us in the clinic. Patients that we see on a weekly basis range from stroke and MS patients Treatments range from fall prevention to muscle strengthening and joint range of movement activities.  Read more..

Pitchside Management


The use of trained pitch-side medical professionals at sporting events of all levels is becoming more common as clubs are committed to safeguarding the welfare of their players. Our physical therapists have experience in supporting a range of sports. Read more...


The ever increasing costs associated with lost man-days, recruitment and training of replacement staff, lost management time and claim settlement together with the personal burdens suffered by injured workers have led such bodies as IBEC , ICTU and REHAB to call for a radical new approach to the assessment and treatment of injured workers. Read more..
Sports Injury Dry Needling Dublin
Dry needling


Effective deep muscle release therapy which relaxes knots in muscle tissue that can cause pain, weakness and tightness. Read more...

Pilates for back pain, whiplash, runners and triathletes
Clinical Pilates


Pilates suits all ages and fitness levels and is particularly beneficial for those with back pain, poor postures, neurological conditions, mental health conditions, sports injuries, arthritis, stress related illness and before and after pregnancy. Read more..

Massage therapy


Massage therapy is one of the most important skills that MIAPT Physical Therapists are trained in. Our training places a great empasis on setting us apart from other therapists through our hands on skills, from palpation to therapeutic technique. Read more...

Injury Support Taping


Whether you’re training for your first marathon, getting ready for your next game, reaching a personal fitness goal, or just trying to get through the day without pain, we can offer expert taping as a standalone service or a complement to our Physical Therapy treatments Read more..

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