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Ankle and Foot pain

Ankle sprain


An ankle sprain refers to tearing of the ligaments of the ankle. The most common ankle sprain occurs on the outside part of the ankle. This is an extremely common injury which affects many people during a wide variety of activities and usually occurs when the foot rolls underneath the ankle or leg. It commonly occurs during sports. Patients will complain of pain on the outside of their ankle and various degrees of swelling and bleeding under the skin (i.e. bruising) depending on the severity of the injury. At South Dublin Physical Therapy we see alot of sprained ankles! Depending on the occurance of the injury our treatment will vary from inflammation management to restoreing range of motion, strength and balance in your joint. 

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Achilles tendonitis


A very common condition which is pain in the mid to lower calf or just above the heel which can be sharp or burning in nature. Tendonitis is the technical name given to describe inflammation in the tendon and be extremely painful and can take time to fully recover from. It is most commonly seen in active people involved in running, however we have seen it in the non active person also. We will look to establish the cause of the problem which can be as a result of poor foot biomechanics, fallen arches, ridgid feet, shortened/ tight calves, poor footwear. Our job will be to reduce the inflammation and strengthen your calves while lengthening your tendon sheath. 


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