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Hip and Pelvis pain 

The Sacro iliac joint is made up of your hips and pelvis, there a 3 bones which are fused together by powerful ligaments giving great structural strength and limited ability to move. Problems can arise with the Sacro Illicial joints from car accidents, imbalanced muscles and during pregnancy. Sacro Illiac pain can cause significant lower back pain and can damage disks and facets. We are equipped to assess and treat the Sacro Iliac dysfunction and Sacro Iliac pain.


Illiotibial Band/ IT Band/ ITB


Pain from the ITB commonly occurs on the outside of the hip and above and outside the knee. The ITB is a long tendon like tissue which runs along the outside of the hip to the outside of the knee. Runners commonly get conditions associated with tight ITB and this is known as runners knee. Our therapists can tackle tight Illiotibial Bands and address the underlying conditions which cause it enabling people to run and walk pain free.

Warm Up on the Beach



Sciatica is a painful condition where there is pain down the back of either or both legs which can go down to the toes. It can be accompanied by loss of sensation or pins and needles in the affected legs. Commonly associated with Lumbar Disk problems or Facet Joint Problems, it can also be mimicked by tight gluteal muscles, tight hamstrings or tight periformus muscles which lie deep in your bum. It is essential to get a proper examination of the cause of sciatica, which we can provide at South Dublin Physical Therapy to diagnose and treat sciatic pain.


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