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Physical Therapy

Therapists are members of the Irish Association of Physical therapists (IAPT) who regulate and advocate the practice of safe and scientific forms of assessment, diagnosis, treatments and prevention of a wide variety of muscle, joint ligament and tendon related conditions. 


Our therapists are skilled and experienced practitioners and depending on your injury, they will use a range of orthopaedic assessment, diagnostic and treatment techniques which include massage, mobilisation, manipulation, stretching and resistence training.  


If your experience to date has been with rehabilatation specialists from a different profession, you may well notice a difference in the approach and care given to you by an IAPT Physical therapist.

More often than not, treatments with Brian, Ben or other MIAPT Physical therapists are more hands on as most MIAPT therapists specialise in all types of musculoskeltal rehab techniques without the use of electronic devices. You can also be assured that your therapist will be involved in continuous personal development and learning, be it futhering his/her practical hands on skills or research in another healthcare area, which will only better your treatment experience.

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We have been trained in the treatment of neck and lower back pain including herniated discs, scoliosis, sciatica, spinal instabilities, rib torsions, radiating pain. We also has interests in treating orthopaedic dysfunctions and sports medicine injuries of the shoulder, knee, ankle and hip.


Most importantly the saftey and wellbeing of our patients is of paramount importance, we, (like all MIAPT therapists) are trained to offer safe and effective treatments. If you present to the practice with pain which we suspect to be not musculoskeltal in nature, or if too acute or severe in nature, we will always err on the side of caution when determining when to treat and when to refer you to your GP, A&E or orthopaedic specialist.


You can be assured that we always treat within our scope of practice and you will get the most appropriate medical attention for your pain. 

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Its important to note that Ben and Brian are proud to call themselves IAPT Physical Therpists and will always correct anyone that might think of them as a chartered physiotherapist. A past colleague of Brian drafted an article which attempted to differentiate the two professions in response to article in the Irish Times.




Clinic opening times:

Monday to Friday 

8.30am to 8pm


All services are strictly by appointment only

0863658815 / 0877982803

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