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Shoulder pain

Pain in your shoulder is common and can be difficult to fix as most shoulder injury occurs over an extended period. Other shoulder injuries happen quickly as a result of a fall or commonly a car crash where the belt runs over the shoulder. South Dublin Physical Therapy are well equipped to fix shoulder problems but they take time and we empasise the importance in client engagement in the rehabilitation exercises to  gain the optimum results from their treatment.

Dislocated shoulder


Dislocated Shoulders are commonly caused in sport or falls or car accidents. They need to be treated medically although some people who have repeated dislocations learn how to put them back in. Following relocation (reduction) of the dislocation your Physical Therapist will be able to treat the damaged  muscles surrounding the joint and provide guidance on restoring strength to the shoulder to help reduce the risk of reoccurrence. 

Squash Player

Frozen shoulder


A frozen shoulder is a term used to describe a painful condition where the movement in the shoulder joint becomes very restricted. It can have a slow build up  preceded with rotator cuff pain or can happen overnight and is often associated with emotional upset. Treatment for frozen shoulder can be prolonged however physical therapy is very effective at restoring the motion in the shoulder. Some frozen shoulders disappear as quickly as they arrive.


Pain between the shoulder blades


Often caused by poor posture, office work, poor ergonomics and prolonged laptop use or keyboarding this can cause a lot of discomfort and stops us from achieving our full potential. At South Dublin Physical Therapy, you will receive a full postural examination. Our physical therapist will aim to relieve the pain first and then work with you to fix work patterns, poor posture and advise on poor ergonomics which are contributing to the problem

Rotator cuff Injury


Most joints in the body have strong ligaments to hold them in place. The shoulder joint relies heavily on four small muscles which hold the upper arm in place and help provide stability during movement. These muscles are commonly injured by repetitive movements, poor posture, falls and bangs to the shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries can take a long time to fix and rehabilitate. Our therapists will help you along your road to recovery.


Sore shoulders when sleeping


Sore shoulders while sleeping can often be associated with rotator cuff injuries. This can cause  sleep disturbance which further debilitate the sufferer. Physical therapists are ideally placed to assist and will treat the underlying problem as well as showing the client how to limit the effects while sleeping.


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