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Personal Training

Whether your goals are for weight loss, building muscle, building strength, injury prevention or sports performance related, Brian trains everyone with their goal in mind and the programmes to each of the above aspects will differ greatly and will depend on your previous experience, fitness and if you're an athlete; specific to the sport you are involved in.


During your sessions your role will be to do your best, Brians role will be to help you accomplish that by mentoring you though proper technique and to track every weight, exercise and rep, bringing you through a strict periodisation plan to make sure you are achieving your health and fitness goals.



Weight Loss


You will lose the most fat by training with a protocol that focuses on building muscle, burning fat and calories, and achieving the greatest hormone response from exercise


A healthy diet combined with body composition anaerobic resistence training has proven to be one the most effective weight loss techniques . Brian will tailor a specific plan for you that will achieve fast results.


Strength and Conditioning


Enhance your sporting performance and avoid injury with strength and conditioning. Practical coditioning exercises and strength exercises will add variation to your skills/aerobic training sessions, which will maximise your training potential. 


Clinic opening times:

Monday to Friday 

8.30am to 8pm


All services are strictly by appointment only

0863658815 / 0877982803

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