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Neck Pain

Many people develop stiff and sore necks overtime. This problem is often posture related and made worse by desk-work and stress. Your physical  therapist will help you by diagnosing and treating the cause and giving you guidance on how to prevent the problem from reoccurring.




Headaches come in many forms, from once off to long term and migraine headaches. Severe headaches should initially be examined medically to rule out life-threatening issues. Our physical therapists can help you by ruling out headaches caused by tight muscles in the neck and shoulders.

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Whiplash occurs when the neck is subjected to uncontrolled rapid movement. While it is commonly caused by car accidents it can also be caused by other means, for example; as a result of a fall, a hard shoulder in a football match or a session of head banging. Whiplash should in the first instance be examined medically by a doctor in a hospital. Longterm our physical therapists will help by assisting damaged muscles in their healing and mobilising the neck to remove long-term pain and stiffness.


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