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Low Back pain

Pain in the lower back comes in many variations and forms and can vary from an irritating ache to a searing life altering pain. All pain in the lower back should be treated seriously and attended to before symptoms become intolerable. There are many different causes to lower back pain and its not uncommon for several to be present simultaneously. At south Dublin Physical Therapy we utilise an array of exercises to assist your lower back health. It is very important to use the correct exercises, as the exercises used to treat a back injury in the later stages of an injury may be the exact opposite to those used when the injury was new. We're confident our therapists are expert in providing you with the correct exercises for your situation.


Disk pain


Disks are small circular pads which serve as shock absorbers between the bony vertebrae of the back. They can become damaged and bulge outwards or tear. The bulging disks can press on nerves as they come out of the spine and the contents of the disks can be acidic which can further irritate nerves, resulting in pain. Treatment for this type of injury can take many weeks but can be highly successful. Disk pain is commonly associated with sciatic symptoms.

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Facet pain


Facets are small joints at the rear of the vertebrae of the back. Poor posture, Disk problems, accidents and lack of core stability can cause the facet joints to compress against each other resulting in excruciating pain. Your physical therapist can help by addressing the underlying cause of the facet problem.


Glutes and Piriformis


A very common cause of lower back pain are tight gluteal and piriformis muscles. The gluteal muscles (glutes) are the muscles which make up the bulk of your bum. Tight glutes can be very effectively dealt with and your physical therapist will have a range of exercises to help you maintain  healthy glutes


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