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According to the National Heart Foundation (2013), promoting an active workforce has the potential to reduce sick days by as much as 27% and drive down absenteeism by up to 20%, while simultaneously boosting the health of employees.  Figures from the Irish Business and Employers Confederation showed that absenteeism in Ireland costs businesses €1.5 billion per year or €818 per employee annually. 


Nothing can make it harder to be productive when uncomfortable, or even worse, in pain. As clinical pilates instructors and physical therapists, we are experts in movement and postural analysis, and specialise in core strength and spinal stability (for back and neck pain) we are uniquely qualified to help you make your employees more comfortable, and more productive.

Whether your employees work at a desk, on a factory floor, or out in the community, there are steps that can be taken to make their jobs safer for their bodies. If you think you or your employees can benefit from a more comfortable and a safer work environment, contact us today.

  Services Offered:


Corporate Discounts:

Contact us to discuss a corporate discount for your employees that visit our clinic for treatment or exercise classes.


Posture Analysis:

Individual employee posture analysis consultation and workplace ergonomics assessment. Bespoke exercises plan per employee relating to any postural problems that may cause risk of injury. This can be carried out on or off site.


Staff Health Awareness presentation: 

Presentation by an experienced Physical Therapist (BSc, Ph.Th) to staff on posture complications leading to injury as well presentation by qualified nutritionist on healthy eating and lifestyle habits.  


Group Pilates classes: 

Pilates is a type of physical exercise which emphasises improving several elements of posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. This can be facilitated on site (early morning, lunch or evening limited availability please call to discuss) provided there is space large enough, alternatively a corporate group discount can be arranged for employees to attend our fabulous new pilates and personal training studio available in Parkwest, Dublin 22. Mats provided. Towel and drink required.



Certified massage therapists available to provide 15 minute back and neck massage (patients fully clothed) and stretch at place of work. Minimum 8 employees required for booking. Available on Fridays only.

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