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Common Problems Treated

Every case is unique in Physical therapy and every client’s needs and expectations are also unique. This section details common problems which we meet on a regular basis in our Clinic. Often we encounter a client with multiple issues like damaged Lumbar Disks and Sciatica or tight Gluteal muscles and Illiotibial Band problems. If your issue doesn’t fit into any of those shown below then no need to worry, your therapist will diagnose and treat your problem with sensitivity and professionalism or if he/she feels your problem is not musculoskeletal in nature, or feels that your injury is more serious, rest assured you will be reffered to the most appropriate practitioner, beit your GP, Orthopaedic consultant or A&E. 

Shoulder pain
Hip and Pelvis pain 
Neck Pain
Knee pain
Low Back pain
Ankle Pain
Wrist and elbow pain

With thanks to the Irish Association of Physical Therapy ( from which most information for conditions was


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