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(we have removed names to respect our patients privacy)


Sports related knee cartilage and meniscus injury and elbow reconstruction rehab

"I have had the misfortune of suffering from two sports related injuries in the last 18 months. The first was to my left knee where I had damaged my meniscus and the cartilage surrounding it. Brian was fantastic help before and after the operation that was needed on my knee. I returned for the start of the football season in January 2014.


In June of that year I tore tendons and ligaments along my elbow. I also fractured it. The necessary surgery that was required was a success but the elbow was in a right angle lock and I had little movement or flexibility in this joint. When the cast was removed the lack of mobility remained. My consultant said this might be a long-term consequence as a result of the uniqueness of the injury. I was told to return back in 6 weeks to the hospital to see if there was any improvement.


During those six weeks Brian worked wonders through massage and acupuncture. After each session I noticed huge improvements. Brian placed a huge emphasis on exercise at home also and this drastically accelerated my recovery. His ability to identify a problem quickly and his patience and endevour in solving it was a huge factor in my recovery. When I returned to St. Vincent’s after the 6 weeks many of the consultants were eager to see me, given the unique nature of the injury. They were astonished at the nature and speed of the recovery. By August I had practically made a full recovery: two months after the injury. This would not have been possible without Brian’s help. His meticulous and professional manner coupled with his hospitable and friendly nature always made you feel that you were in good hands".


Frozen shoulder and post-op Mastectomy medical massage treatment.

"I am a 46 year old working wife and mother, like so many women we are the managers of our homes. Trying to juggle everything day to day is a huge task and it can wear you down. Well it did for me, I started to suffer from frozen shoulder it gradually got to the stage where I had no use of my left arm. I can honestly say the pain was horrendous and I was so limited to what I could do.


Frozen shoulder is such a common condition for women of my age it can be called middle age syndrome. I decided to go for physio and I found Brian by accident, thank God. I live local and seen an advertisement for a consultation at his clinic , so I went along. I instantly felt at ease with his warm manner and knowledge. He was so quick to recognise the problem and course of treatment. I have full movement back in my arm and have never looked back.


Unfortunately last year I got breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy and again after surgery I got in touch with Brian and he helped ease a lot of the stiffness I experience around the area after the operation. 


Having breast cancer and wounds is such a private thing for a women and yet I trusted Brian to help me through this really difficult time of my life. Since the cancer I have made some lifestyle changes so I exercise a lot more. I have had some sports injuries connected with my fitness regime and again Brian sorted all these out. Brian is my first port of call when I need any physio to any part of my body he is the best and I am so glad I found him".


Bilateral Achilles Tendonitis, Rehab and strength and conditioning, first Irish female to complete Badwater Ultramarathon USA

"In April of 2014 I came to Brian with an injury in both my heels, that had gotten to a point where it was virtually unbearable to run for any great length of time. As a long distance athlete I was due to run a single stage race of 135 miles in July 2014, however the injury was threatening to prevent me from competing.

Brian completed a full assessment of my injury and discovered that my calfs were extremely inflexible after several years of not taking care of them before and after runs. This was causing huge stress on the Achilles tendon in both heels, which if left untreated could have lead to a tear.


Brian put me on a programme of stretching, core strengthening and daily foam rolling which I could do at home. This was to be completed in conjunction with my training programme which we slowly reintroduced over a period of several weeks. Once a week Brian performed sports massage on my legs to further aid the healing process. During the process I could notice a huge difference in my heels. They were no longer swollen or tender and they became much more flexible, allowing me to return to big mileage in preparation for my race.

Brian took me from almost dropping out of my race to feeling fully confident in my body's ability to finish; which I did. His dedication to helping me achieve my goal went above and beyond any expectations I had. The combination of his extensive knowledge of sports injuries and positive attitude were instrumental in my recovery. Brian is a fellow sports person who understands what his clients training regime entails and designs a rehabilitation programme that is tailor made for your recovery.  He is extremely personable and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to any of my fellow running friends."


Multiple Whiplash Associated Disorder, Neck and Back Pain 

"I was unfortunate to be involved in two car accidents within nine weeks of each other. I was rear-ended in both. The second accident worsened my injuries from the first, and I had severe whiplash with soft tissue damage to my back. Naturally, this had a massive impact on my day-to-day life.


Physical Therapy was key to my recovery and Brian was a fantastic support during this time. Brian used a variety of methods including massage, bio-medical acupuncture and muscle manipulation to work with my injuries and there was a big focus on exercises at home between sessions. Feeling like I have my life back again, I can honestly say Brian is an excellent physical therapist. It is not only his professional competence but his genuine caring and encouragement for his clients that sets Brian apart and I would highly recommend Brian to any potential clients". 


Sports injury related ACL reconstruction, knee Rehabilitation

"In July 2012 I tore my anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee whilst playing astro football. Ironically enough I did not attend Brian immediately after the injury, I opted to go to a recommended chartered physio of my family instead. I had several physio sessions before having complete ACL reconstructive surgery in October 2012. My progress and recovery post surgery was slow with my initial phyiso. I felt that the treatments lacked energy and structure. So unhappy with this situation I looked to change therapist. That is when  I contacted Brian, who came highly recommended by a close friend of mine.


The difference in the standard of therapy was amazing. The complacency and non interest I had experienced before was no more. Brian had energy and quickly motivated me into action. He had a structured plan from the get go. Every session I had with him was progressive, he wrote out detailed programmes bespoke to my needs and ability. His attention to detail was second to none throughout. Brian researched training aids for me, he bought straps over the internet for me. I felt that I was being treated at the highest level during each session. I know by talking to other people with such injuries that this level of care and detail is seldom experienced. I first went to Brian in mid February 2012, by early May 2012 I was back playing football. When someone loves what they do they excel in it, Brian loves what he does and my results prove this!"


Strength and Conditioning and Rehabilitation - Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, UK

"At the beginning of 2014 I took on the challenge of training for The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge in June of that year, this involved 42km across 3 mountains all walked in under 12 hours. I had never taken on such a task but I was determined to train sufficiently to be able to complete the hike in a good time and enjoy it too.  I had always found it hard to build my fitness levels especially when it came to strength training so this was all very new to me.

Brian was excellent with helping me to put together a plan that was realistic to follow but would also challenge me to get the best results possible. He gave me on-going support for the 4 months which helped to keep my motivation up and stay on track. Of course I got my fair share of injuries over that time and Brian was always on hand to treat them before they would impact on my training. In the end I was very happy to complete 3 Peaks in just 10 hours"!


Osgood Schlaaters and Sinding Larsen Johansson rehabilitation 

In September 2013 my son Paul aged 13 at the time, developed Osgood Schlaaters in one knee and Sinding Larsen Johansson syndrome in the other.  Following a visit to our family doctor we decided to attend physio with Brian in the Priory Clinic, Kimmage who was recommended by Pauls football coach.


We consider that we were very lucky to have found Brian and the positive organic nature of the treatment he provided, his commitment and dedication to Pauls recovery and his resolute and professional manner. Brian’s innovative approach and dedication along with his exercises plan accelerated Paul’ recovery, eliminated the pain he was suffering and facilitated an early return to sport.


We are delighted to have an opportunity to acknowledge Brian’s contribution to Pauls recovery, the excellent treatment provided and particularly how he guided and encouraged Paul through the treatment recovery and post recovery process. He is a skillful and consummate professional and I could not recommend anyone more.


Severe chronic Low back pain and shoulder pain

I was suffering terribly with severe pain in my back and shoulder when one of my colleagues recommended Ben Sweeney to me. Ben is a complete professional and he immediately identified the cause of my problem and set me on a short course of intensive physiotherapy. He also developed a specific exercise regime for me to follow to prevent the problems reoccurring. After several treatments I now feel better than ever and I would strongly recommend anybody suffering from similar ailments to seek treatment with Ben Sweeney.

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